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  2. Boy or girl nub-13 weeks

    Can anybody please circle where nub would be?
  3. Yesterday
  4. 13w 0d nub shot, any guesses?

    See how the nub curves up a little? I feel like if the baby's back wasn't quite so straight (almost arched for that gestation) it would point up a lot more...
  5. 13w 0d nub shot, any guesses?

    With what degree of certainty do you say girl?!? I have eight sons and one daughter right now... 😁
  6. Can anyone please help us? Thank you so much!
  7. Last week
  8. 13w 0d nub shot, any guesses?

    Girl congratulations on baby x
  9. 11weeks 3 days nub predictions

    On the pink train with new pics x
  10. Boy or Girl 14 weeks

    Congratulations on baby x
  11. It is the same baby. My best friend is pregnent.
  12. Hello, ladies I have more pics. I guess I’m 12 weeks 2 days but measuring 12 weeks 6 days. I think these are better shots. Thanks for all your guesses. It’s been really nice😊
  13. 12+1 is this another boy?

    Thank you and I think it' great that there' even more ways to help the nub theory. What a star 🌟
  14. I agree!! Cant wait for more pics!!
  15. Boy or girl

    Oh darn, not really seeing a clear nub
  16. I'm confused. Is the potty shot the same baby as the nub pics? Or is it a different baby?
  17. Girl or Boy nub πŸ™ˆ 12w6d scan

    My first thought was blue due to shadow on top
  18. 12+1 scan picture

    Congrats on your son!
  19. Boy or girl

    Blue lean here too
  20. 12+1 is this another boy?

    Hehe Jenaemma is the one who first realised the bladder nub connection, now heaps are using it 😁 Thinking pink
  21. 11weeks 3 days nub predictions

    May be Girl with some cord
  22. Boy or Girl 14 weeks

    Congrats on Baby!
  23. @jenaemma thank you for your reply. Sorry I pestered you πŸ™ŠπŸ˜Š so do you think pink even with bladder theory? So excted to find out what gender my little blessing is πŸ€— . Can’t wait to update in may xx
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