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  1. Yesterday
  2. Boy or girl?

    It does look girly!
  3. boy or girl 12+2

    Still looks boyish to me🙂
  4. Boy or girl?

    Thinking pink. Congrats on your baby
  5. Hi! Any guesses? Ultrasound was done with 12 weeks and 5 days.
  6. Gender guess please!!

    Huge congratulations on your daughter 💫💖 x
  7. Gender guess please!!

    @jenaemma Confirmed it’s a girl today!! Thanks everyone for the guesses
  8. Bump. Jenaemma you seem to be very experienced at this what would you say from the second scan picture, have you ever come across such different photos?
  9. Hi everyone I just wanted to thank everyone for replying to my nub pic and guessing the gender of my baby. I went today for my 19 week ultrasound and everyone that guessed girl was right. It's a baby girl:)
  10. 12 week nub - guesses please? :)

    My first thought was pink lol But baby looks very young, and it might be too early to tell just yet, do you know what baby measured during the scan?
  11. BOY OR GIRL?

    Only seeing leg unfortunately But big congrats on baby!
  12. boy or girl 12+2

    hi I'm just wondering if everyone still thinks boy with the whole piccy thanks x
  13. 12+2 nub...boy or girl?

    I’m no expert but I think i’ll Say girl !
  14. BOY OR GIRL?

    Not seeing any clues here congratulations on baby x
  15. 12 week nub - guesses please? :)

    Boy congratulations on baby x
  16. Posting for a friend 14+2 boy or girl?

    Very girly here too
  17. 12 week 2 days nub prediction!!

    Boy congratulations on baby x
  18. Let me hear your guesses

    Slight blue lean but not seeing enough to be confident, congratulations on baby x
  19. Boy or Girl - 13 wks + 6

    Perfect boy nub congratulations on baby x
  20. 13 weeks 4 days

    Very tricky! Could well be it’s so busy hun congratulations on baby x
  21. Thank you! I have had so many girl guesses on other sites and a few boy guesses. Can’t wait to find out.
  22. Let me hear your guesses

    Sadly this is the only one they gave me. Thank you for taking a look
  23. 12+2 nub...boy or girl?

    Well my gender scan has been moved to tomorrow! Any last guesses before I come back and update with the results tomorrow ?! I'm so excited
  24. 13 weeks 4 days

    Thank you. I thought there might be some stacking visible alongside the cord but maybe it should be clearer at this gestation. Would be delighted with a third girl anyway x
  25. Boy or Girl - 13 wks + 6

    Boy. Congrats on your baby
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