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  1. Boy or girl?

    Thinking pink. Congrats on your baby
  2. Boy or Girl - 13 wks + 6

    Boy. Congrats on your baby
  3. 12 week 2 days nub prediction!!

    Blue. Congrats on your baby
  4. 13 weeks 4 days

    Agree with possibly girl. Congrats on your baby
  5. Let me hear your guesses

    We are seeing part of the nub but I, too, would like to see more photos of you have any
  6. 9th June 2017

    I can't deal. You two!!!! 😍😍😍😍 absolutely gorgeous. I have never experienced snow. Maybe someday. @TexasMom
  7. Tricky Nub... guesses appreciated!

    I cant see it either
  8. I commented on your other post. Thinking pink
  9. Is this your only photo? First thought was possibly girl
  10. Boy or girl nub ? 13 week scan

    Thinking pink. Congratulations on your baby
  11. Miss

    Thinking blue. Congratulations on your baby
  12. Boy or girl? Getting very mixed answers!

    Girly but early. Congrats on your baby
  13. Girl or boy ? 14w5d scan

    Thank you for updating. Congratulations on your baby girl x
  14. 12 week nub guess - greatly appreciated

    Girly but early. Congratulations on your baby x