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  1. Would love some guesses!

    Interesting. That is way more advanced than me. lol You sound like you know what you are talking about.
  2. Would love some guesses!

    With this photo the nub that some see now looks almost pointed backwards... that can't possibly be the nub then, right?
  3. Would love some guesses!

    Hey guys. I find out in two more days! I have a 16 week photo but obviously they hid any clues from me. (the potty shot is in an envelope...) Any thoughts?
  4. Would love some guesses!

    I find out in one week. Would love some more guesses.
  5. Would love some guesses!

    Anymore guesses?
  6. Boy or girl please please help me

    I don't see any clues, sorry
  7. Boy or girl based on 13 week scan

    I want to lean pink too but the images are hard to see...
  8. Boy? Or girl? 12 weeks 2 days

    I really don't see any clues here. I am sorry.
  9. Would love some guesses!

    Bumping this up today. 2 weeks until I find out
  10. Would love some guesses!

    @Chloe Louise many people have said blue and many have said girl. It's pretty much 50/50. It was clear as day with my son so this one is quite tricky.
  11. Would love some guesses!

    I sure will. My gender reveal is on Feb 11th and I can't wait to find out
  12. Would love some guesses!

    Anymore guesses?
  13. Would love some guesses!

    @jenaemma yeah I think that is the cord? When they were scanning I watched very closely for nub and it was definitely flat and nowhere near rising up like that It looked girly but that first photo is so tricky I think it's confusing.
  14. Would love some guesses!

    I have this one but I feel like it gives no clues. As they were scanning I swear I saw a flat nub so I thought it was girl but I posted the pic on a nub theory fb group and got some boy votes too so now I am completely lost. lol