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  1. Would love some guesses!

    @Chloe Louise many people have said blue and many have said girl. It's pretty much 50/50. It was clear as day with my son so this one is quite tricky.
  2. Would love some guesses!

    I sure will. My gender reveal is on Feb 11th and I can't wait to find out
  3. Would love some guesses!

    Anymore guesses?
  4. Would love some guesses!

    @jenaemma yeah I think that is the cord? When they were scanning I watched very closely for nub and it was definitely flat and nowhere near rising up like that It looked girly but that first photo is so tricky I think it's confusing.
  5. Would love some guesses!

    I have this one but I feel like it gives no clues. As they were scanning I swear I saw a flat nub so I thought it was girl but I posted the pic on a nub theory fb group and got some boy votes too so now I am completely lost. lol
  6. 12w1day nub. Boy or girl?

  7. 12 weeks exactly. Guesses? I am new here and have heard great things about this site. Thank you guys so much