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  2. Lyndz123

    13 weeks😍Girl or Boy?

  3. Hopefulsoul

    13 weeks😍Girl or Boy?

    Sorry completely forgot to update. He is all boy
  4. Lyndz123

    12W + 6D Boy or Girl?

    Any update?
  5. Lyndz123

    13 weeks😍Girl or Boy?

    Any update?
  6. Boy or girl??
  7. Tomorrow’s the day we find out! so excited! Xx
  8. @jenaemma I know you’ve been busy with a gorgeous new addition to your family.. congrats! sis is due for a scan in 10 days... would love to hear your thoughts xxx
  9. Kalaiarasi

    Tricky nub at 12 weeks

    First 4 images show its a boy
  10. Curious mama

    Nub guesses 12+5

    Hey there! Old nubsesser here posting another ultrasound at 12+5. I am pretty certain this one is a girl but looking to the experts for your opinions!
  11. Gracebaby713

    Tricky nub at 12 weeks

    Thanks for your reply! The tech has done US for 20 some years and she was really good. The potty shot looked very girly because with my son I could see his pretty obvious pee pee at 12+6! Do you think the nub is rising though? I’ve been looking at so many forked nubs that look similar to mine and I feel like they really could go either way. With the angle you see on mine and the bladder placement do you still think it’s looking pink? I would love a girl!! I go back in 4 weeks for a 16 week scan. @jenaemma
  12. jenaemma

    Tricky nub at 12 weeks

  13. jenaemma

    Gender prediction?

    Pointing out which = girly With that said baby is arching the back but none the less even with baby doing that the nub is wayyyyy downward Always room for error of course at this gestation. So wish the nub had imaged even just a smidgen in the other pics when is your next scan?
  14. jenaemma

    Gender prediction?

    Hi! I first have to apologize profusely for my late response. Been dealing with hard life circumstances but trying to get on here when I am capable. I also am updating the system and I get notifications sporadically. my sincere apologies the 2nd to last pic looks pink to me (but just a day or too early to be sure) let me rotate the image and inspect Biggest congrats on sweet baby by the way!
  15. jenaemma

    Tricky nub at 12 weeks

    Eek! With baby measuring 12w4d omg, looking good for pink! I’m about 90% with these images! and your tech was fantastic! It’s not easy to get a good potty view this early but they sure did! when is your next scan? IM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!
  16. US at 12+0 and baby measured 12+4. Please make a guess!
  17. Taken at 12 weeks 3 days
  18. Itsmila

    12 weeks, cord or nub

    Thnx, any more guesses?
  19. Hi is anyone able to help? I'm not sure which line is the nub as there are 2 by the looks of it to me
  20. My ob took a picture of the bladder and I wasn’t sure if this could possibly be girl parts? I’d love someone’s opinion. Thank you so much
  21. Jane01


    Any guesses?
  22. See now, pregnant of my second. I forgot to respond Yes it was a boy! Early rise I guess! now waiting for gender number 2
  23. Can you please help me out? Boy or girl. Will find out in 2 weeks.
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