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  2. Just wondering, is this the nub? And if so, would you guess boy or girl?
  3. Yes, I have only one photo
  4. I'm not seeing enough. Sorry x
  5. Lol yes we felt a bit guilty but I don’t really understand why you’re not allowed to film your own scan... Can I just say you’re amazing though capturing that shot? If that is the nub, is that a boy or a girl nub?
  6. Hi, here is mine. I'm guessing a boy but would love confirmation from those who know more than I do. This is at 12 weeks 4 days, maybe 12 weeks 6 days.
  7. Mummabear3

    A boy? 12+4

    Hi, To my untrained eye I am assuming this is a boy nub. What does everyone think? Scan was at 12 weeks 4 days... some measurements were 12 weeks 6 days. I have other scans if needed but the nub seems very clear to me in this one. Thanks in advance
  8. Yesterday
  9. TheFinns

    Nub or not, boy or girl?

    This one was taken a short moment after the last one. It's the one that makes me wonder the angle, since here the legs appear to be in the other direction. Unfortunately these are the only ones that might be helpful.
  10. TheFinns

    Nub or not, boy or girl?

    Just noticed all of your messages, thank you so much for your informative input! I know you have earned your stripes and I respect you taking the time to go through our material. It was indeed a doctor who declared the baby to be a boy, top of his field (gynecologist who has specialized in this kind of thing as well, I'm not familiar with the proper terms in English) in our area. First thing he said after turning the machine on was "Would you like to know the gender?", since he thought it was so clear. Especially since he could not find anything from the area in question during our last visit. We don't really care which one it is, but naturally we are very interested and this is a nice thing to obsess while waiting for the weeks to pass! I started to wonder if the photo should be looked in this angle. So that the scrotum makes an appearance, and the foot becomes a shoulder. There are some artifacts that could indicate an arm, and the case of a missing leg would be gone. I will definitely update along the way, no matter which one it is, so that these might help someone else in the future.
  11. Hello @CatchingBabies Thank you No video unfortunately, any guesses based on the pictures xx
  12. no! post them, like catching said sometimes we can still see in the side view
  13. CatchingBabies

    Boy or girl, guesses please😍

    Is this your only photo? X
  14. Do post any pics you have from your 15 week scan. Sometimes we can see gender in side profile x
  15. CatchingBabies

    11 weeks 5 days

    Congrats on your baby x
  16. CatchingBabies

    Boy Or Girl???

    Agree with pink. Congrats on your baby x
  17. I live your sneaky video. So good. I screenshot this frame. I think we are seeing some of the nub but the very top of the nub has leg or something in it too. Tricky. I agree the potty shot does look more blue x
  18. Hello and a warm welcome! Did you happen to get any video? Congrats on your baby x
  19. CatchingBabies

    12+4 any guesses?😊

    Agree. Congrats on your baby x
  20. CatchingBabies

    Boy or Girl please?

    Hmm I'm iffy. Learning more girl.
  21. CatchingBabies

    Boy or girl? Nub? :)

    I am seeing boy tendencies too. Congrats on your baby x
  22. CatchingBabies

    Do you think boy or girl? ❤❤

    Leaning pink too. Congrats on your baby x
  23. @kiwimumof-5 @jenaemma Thanks again for looking!! I had another at 15.6...too late for nub theory right?! We aren’t really finding out for this one, we have one of each already so this one can be a surprise, but it’s too fun not to guess!!!
  24. Thank you @kiwimumof-5! Long wait but will definitely update you in due course. You girls are doing a great job
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