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  2. Hello All! rhisbis my image from my week 12 ultrasound. Any guesses!?
  3. Today
  4. Kasia323

    13+1 Boy or Girl?

    Thank you
  5. Familledamour

    Boy or Girl ?

    Merci de tes félicitations ! Pas d'espoir pour une petite fille alors ?
  6. I’ve got one more but it’s got it’s back to us hang on x
  7. Belle123

    Gender prediction? ... :)

    Thanks! Yes these are the only ones I have!
  8. The blurry on was a few days before the clearer ones x
  9. Don't think this one will be any good! X
  10. Here's another, I'm not really sure what I'm looking for!
  11. Do you have any other photos or video? Congrats on your baby x
  12. CatchingBabies

    Any guesses?

    The pic won't load...
  13. Is this your only photo?
  14. CatchingBabies

    Boy or Girl ?

    Thinking blue. Congrats on your baby x
  15. CatchingBabies

    Gender prediction? ... :)

    Hmm are these your only photos? Congrats on your baby x
  16. CatchingBabies

    Little brother or sister?

    Thinking we may be seeing a hint of a pink nub in thr second photo. Congrats on your baby x
  17. Yesterday
  18. Hi. I was wondering if there is a nub visible at all? Scan was taken at 12 weeks exactly. Thanks x
  19. In case it is better for Nub spotting, this is my other picture from the scan (which big brother has lovingly scrunched up into a ball).
  20. Familledamour

    Boy or Girl ?

    Pouvez vous me dire si ce que j'ai entouré en violet fait partie du bourgeon ou si ce sont les femurs, jambes etc ? J'ai l'impression que le bourgeon est juste en dessous uniquement mais je me trompe peut être. ... Merci
  21. Hey @jenaemma I had a 14 week scan today.... any more clues please? Thanks :-)
  22. Hi please have a look at my 12 weeks 4 day scan...I think there could be stacking to it with the shadow but not sure as new to the theory. Thanks
  23. Bump i understand no one can figure mine out but I find out in 3 days and would love some guesses for the fun of it! thanks ladies
  24. jenaemma

    I think girl?

    Hi! I got your message and the image isn’t showing up now so you are good If you want to repost an edited one go for it!
  25. Thank you totally smitten with our little man. X
  26. Familledamour

    Boy or Girl ?

    Bonjour. Voilà mon petit bébé à 12SA +4 et pour 63.4 en taille. Avez-vous une idée du sexe ? Est ce bien le bourgeon au dessus trait blanc ou autre chose ? Par avance merci à toutes ! :)
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