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  1. Today
  2. Sorry for the delayed response! We are having a little BOY!!! My husband & I could not be more excited, thank you to all of you who took the time to comment!
  3. Any gusses please based on nub !
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi I am currently 16 weeks, I am posting two ultrasound pictures, the top one is of my sister's baby at 11 weeks and 6 days and the second ultrasound is of my baby at 12 weeks and 1 day. Both my sister and I are praying for boys; we both each already have a baby girls. Let me what you think?
  6. Looking for more ideas on these confusing pictures any of the admin have a thought ??:)
  7. @jenaemma can’t wait to see your thoughts on these 2 very different pics.
  8. Greystreet

    Nub shot - please guess

    Yes, only pic. The noise from the leg in the background I think makes it difficult. Also I’m not sure what the bright circle halfway on the nub is
  9. CatchingBabies

    Any guess

    Is this your only photo? Congrats on your baby x
  10. CatchingBabies

    Nub shot - please guess

    Is this your only photo? Congrats on your baby
  11. @jenaemma can’t wait to see your thoughts on these 2 very different pics.
  12. Last week
  13. 12w6d ultrasound. Nub seems parallel but doesn’t seem flat on the body. I can’t tell, please help!
  14. Oh your little boy is so sweet wanting a sister my 5 year old always says we need 2 more girls so there's mummy an two girls an daddy an two boys lol he wants to completely even out the family
  15. @kaz3333 these are the only 2 pictures I have. Both are 14 weeks at the same ultrasound. I love my 3 boys but this is our last so pink would be a nice way to end the family and my 6 year old said he’s been praying for a girl for a long time so it would make his day:) I never heard of the nub theory until this time around
  16. Oh I don't know its tricky dismiss my lean lol wait for others to chime in. Do you have anymore pictures or a video I hope you have pink on board I have 2 boys an hope to one day get pink too fingers crossed for you x
  17. @kaz3333 ya I was too when looking at the first picture but then I thought it may be part of the leg as I see the feet but not all of the leg leading to the foot. Then the next picture I see the white nub looking thing more straight looking ( if that is the nub) and it’s all been throwing me off haha. I can also see the umbilical cord in the 2nd. I have 3 boys so of course some pink in my life would be wonderful lol
  18. Second photo is all girl congratulations
  19. kaz3333

    4th Baby Boy?

    I'd say maybe boy #4 because there is some angle in that dangle
  20. Hey how did the scan go? Hope your ok an everythings going well x
  21. Is there anything in either picture you see that could give indications ?
  22. CatchingBabies

    Boy or Girl - predictions please :)

    I am no seeing any clues. Do u have any video?
  23. @Chelle8947 thanks for your response! I think baby is hiding any signs?
  24. @CatchingBabies thank you! I have a couple more but they look the same. This is the most clear...I can’t see anything?
  25. Yes these are the only pics I got that day.
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