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  2. Had scan At 13 weeks, so pleased everything looked ok. was interested to see a long line and two bits coming off like a fork- I thought this was a willy but actually people Are saying girl :-) so happy either way. Would be really interested to know what people think And why!! Thank you xx
  3. Bsummers23

    Guesses from 20 week scan???

    Update. We had a baby girl!!!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Not sure if Nub is pictured, Don’t know What’s a part of the thigh and not, but would love to hear your guesses. Gestation 12+1 (insemination), baby measuring 12+5
  6. Traceyy26

    Baby scan

    Hi can anybody help me i had my 12 week scan the other day and I'm trying to see if i can work it out xxx
  7. Last week
  8. Suziex1986x

    Gender guesses greatly appreciated xx

    Could an expert just give me a little point in the right direction please? Xx if no nub is depicted, could someone tell me where it would be located please? Thank you so much xxxx
  9. Aliciacarr

    Early Gender?

    Trying this to see is anyone can guess gender at an early stage
  10. Aliciacarr

    Early Gender?

    Trying this to see is anyone can guess gender at an early stage
  11. The mrs and i are arguing over if this is a nub, i say too big! Any ideas?
  12. Jadehayselden

    Boy or girl?

  13. Any guesses on what baby is? Thank you in advance 109-0105a.mp4
  14. Hilda K.

    12 weeks 2 days. Boy or girl ?

    It should be a boy! How about trying other gender prediction methods?
  15. SΓ₯ this is the only picture i got from the scan. At first I was sure there was a boy nub but the more i look at it i se ut flat. Am I going crazy? Any guesses? first pic is what i see, second pic is original inserting i third pic of a comment I got on fb if Anyone understands I’m hoping for a girl so this could just be me wishing for a girly nub
  16. Hi there, I hope everyone’s keeping safe and well. I’m pregnant with my second little darling, with already being a proud mummy to my beautiful Archie. I was wondering if anyone could possible take a look at my 14 week scan pictures please and have a good guess at the sex? I’ve had many nub experts say what I think is a stacked nub is part of the leg, but I’m not so sure. Thank you so muchxx @jenaemma
  17. Jadehayselden

    Boy or girl?

    I had my scan today 16/09/2020 and I’m 12+5 just wondering if anyone can see if it’s a boy or a girl?
  18. hb1313

    Nub guess please!

    Anyone? How do I tag admin?
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