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  2. Lunaa

    Blue of Pink?

    Thanks a lot for your replies!! I know the images are a little bit early for a good predictionโ€ฆ A girl would be very nice though hihi!!
  3. SvetlyMes

    12 weeks. Boy or Girl!?

    Team blue I think
  4. SvetlyMes

    Blue of Pink?

    May be
  5. SvetlyMes

    Boy or girl?๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’™

    Looks like boy
  6. CatchingBabies

    Blue of Pink?

    Looks girly but it is on the early side. Congrats on your baby x
  7. Hi guys, Please help me?! I'm so curious but my boyfriend doesn't want to know the gender of our little baby... What do you think? Will our baby be a boy or a girl? 11 + 6 at the ultrasound images... Thanks!!
  8. are my images completly hopeless or can anyone make anything out of them @jenaemma @kiwimumof-5 @CatchingBabies @Chelle8947 @Chloe Louise
  9. SvetlyMes

    Gender prediction

    I also think Boy
  10. Yup. Looks like team blue โœ”
  11. SvetlyMes

    Boy or girl?

    I have a slight boy lean
  12. Yesterday
  13. Thank you Yes unfortunatly it is the only ones I have. Are they too unclear?
  14. Thinking pink. Congrats on your baby x
  15. CatchingBabies

    Boy or girl?

    Girly but early. Congrats on your baby x
  16. Are these your only photos? Congrats on your baby x
  17. CatchingBabies

    Boy or girl nub please help

    Big Congrats on your baby girl xxx
  18. CatchingBabies

    Boy or girl? Thanks for your guess!

    Awww congrats on your baby girl xxx
  19. You are amazing girls !!!@jenaemma @CatchingBabies @Chelle8947 @Chloe Louise @kiwimumof-5 I just had my organ screening at week 21 and it finally confirmed that we are having a little girl in the end of July I am over the moon because I was so convinced that it will be a boy again - until I asked you And all of your were right!!! Thank you so much, I am so happy to have a little girl in addition to our lovely boy Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the gender...
  20. First ultrasound was 6w3d second 12w but measured 12w5d
  21. Mom to many

    Boy or girl?

    Wanted to get a second opinion. The doctor went back and forth between whether this was a boy or girl. 12 weeks 0 days
  22. Rainbowbaby

    Boy or girl nub please help

    @CatchingBabies you were right! Itโ€™s a girl!
  23. Hi! Iโ€™m a total rookie at this nub thing - have no clue at what iโ€™m looking at. But the suspens of what weโ€™re having are killinโ€™ me Can anyone please help Gestation 12 weeks 3 days
  24. Can Any other experts chime in!??
  25. Last week
  26. CatchingBabies

    Gender prediction?

    This is what I am seeing if that shadow is part of the nub. I am not completely sold though x
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