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  2. Jessjess

    Boy girl boy heeeelp :(

    No potty shots have another scan booked for next week, have had quite a few people say what is thought to be nub is something else. As it’s so far up and apparently there’s a twist too
  3. Today
  4. Aismar

    Nub Theory - 12w 4D

    @kiwimumof-5 thanks for looking. Here's one more photo if this helps?
  5. CatchingBabies

    12 weeks 6 days! Boy or Girl??

    Thinking pink by pic 3. Congrats on your baby x
  6. CatchingBabies

    Boy or girl. Nub theory?

    I'm not seeing any clues in pics 1 and 2. What gestation did baby measure exactly in pic 3?
  7. CatchingBabies

    Gender Prediciton?

    Are these your only photos ?
  8. CatchingBabies

    Can’t even tell where nub is

    More pics would be great if you have any x
  9. We had our dating scan this morning with much relief that all seems to be ok. Just for fun here are the scan pictures of our little one. I believe a nub is visible. Gestation is 12 weeks 6 days. So any ideas on gender? Girl? Boy? Xx
  10. Littlealice

    Help with nub Please!!!!

    Thanks for your reply.any other guesses?
  11. @Zoe421 anyone have any guesses on my scan?? this is 12 weeks +1 and am 16 weeks next week with an early gender scan booked. I’m so anxious and excited I could burst! This is baby no.4 ( I have 3 boys )
  12. Lianne35

    Boy or girl. Nub theory?

    Thanks, I'll wait for anymore replies then tell you 1 and 2 !
  13. @Leanne68 the top looks like a girl and the bottom scan pic looks like a boy lol tricky x
  14. Dani2502

    Nub theory any guesses

    @kiwimumof-5 thank you! What does early girl mean? It could change? I’m 16 weeks monday and having an early gender scan but soooo anxious x
  15. kiwimumof-5

    Nub Theory – Boy or Girl?

    thinking pink
  16. kiwimumof-5

    Help with nub Please!!!!

    I'm iffy ... @jenaemma
  17. we are very good however the leg is blocking the full nub
  18. kiwimumof-5

    Perfect nub pics

    girl, beautiful nub shot
  19. kiwimumof-5

    Nub Theory - 12w 4D

    unfortunately it didnt image in this pic, maybe a tiny bit but not enough to go on
  20. kiwimumof-5

    Nub theory any guesses

    early girl
  21. kiwimumof-5

    Boy or girl skull theory

    skull theory is very inaccurate, according to skull theory my boy and one of my girls apparently had girl skulls and all 3 of my younger girls skulls are all different. Also the skull is still changing even after birth...its not until puberty that differences are seen Did you get any pics that show the nub?
  22. kiwimumof-5

    Boy or girl?

    early girl
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