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  1. jenaemma

    Girl or boy

    First pic! Looks girly! Congrats on baby and please keep us updated! (great clear nub shot as well )
  2. jenaemma

    Boy or Girl💙🎀

    Very girly! Great nub images too! Yay!! Congrats on baby and please keep us updated!
  3. jenaemma

    Boy or girl

    Hi! Congrats on baby! Any other pics?
  4. jenaemma

    13 week potty shot?

    Hey lady!! I replied to your PM
  5. jenaemma

    Boy or Girl!?!?!

    Way too early for the nub Theory unfortunately:( Baby must have measured between 12-14 weeks. Will you be getting another scan around then? Big congrats on baby!
  6. jenaemma

    Nub help please! 💕

    Hi! Congrats on baby! I had the exact same thought as @CatchingBabies on the same pic Please keep us updated!
  7. jenaemma

    Added photos 12wks 6 days.

    Hi! this ones tricky isn’t it? My first gut reaction was boy that didn’t all image but the more I examine the more I doubt my gut! I do see what you are referring to, the fork shape that blurs off the end of the definite part of the nub we do see. I’m of the mind to say that might be artifact or just something else not nub related I hate when only the one part of the nub images like that (the pubic bone part) we then have to try to compare it to other imaged anatomy. My mind went boy due to how high up off the abdomen it is but also if baby is curled up at all, a girl can have that affect too. Tricky images can get so complicated! Lol When do they find out! You must keep us updated!
  8. jenaemma

    Any guesses?

    Aww, will you be getting a scan at around 12 l-13 weeks? That’s usually when they do measurements for the nuchal fold and crl etc. and is a great time for the nub!
  9. Hi! This looks like a boy
  10. jenaemma

    Any guesses?

    Hi! Congrats on baby! What gestation did baby measure? Baby has to be at least 12 weeks for the nub theory.
  11. Awww, yayay!!! Biggest congrats on your daughter!!! Great nub shot too, good eye girls!!
  12. Girly nub! Did baby measure exactly 12 weeks at the scan?
  13. Hi Jenaemma

    I would really appreciate a guess from you on my ultrasound 13.2 weeks . .i'v been told boy by the gender experts but technician said most probably girl ! Just too confusing. .what's your opinion please🤔




  14. jenaemma

    13+2 any guesses please?

    This is what I was eyeing but after drawing it out I am way not confident at all in anything now eek When is your next scan?
  15. jenaemma

    13+2 any guesses please?

    Hi! Big congrats on baby! Not all the nub imaged so your ok! Lol Ill give the very slightest of boy leans though. Make sure to keep us updated!