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  1. jenaemma

    Gender prediction boy or girl?

    Straight and parallel with the end of the spine Wishing you the best at your scan and please please keep us updated! Ill tag some more eyes for you too @kiwimumof-5 @Chloe Louise @Chelle8947 @kaz3333
  2. jenaemma

    Gender prediction boy or girl?

    Hello sweet Also so so sorry for you loss, and congrats on your beautiful rainbow Very much agree with @CatchingBabies and leaning pink. The 2nd pic the nub didn’t image, just a bit of leg bone there I’ll outline the first pic for you which is pretty clear And Monday! I do hope you are keeping well?
  3. Hi @Rita!!! So good to see you! Dang, so wish she had gotten more pics at the 12 week scan I’ll ask my friend who does ramzi theory on the 9 week pic for you though!
  4. Yes, the last one helps and is a great image of the nub. Looks very boyish! Wait.... I know I have been absent due to stupid medical reasons but I think my brain is still ticking (thank goodness! ) I think I remember this pic!
  5. jenaemma

    Girl or boy? 13+1

    Ok, in the first ones baby is curled up and the nub didn’t image unfortunately In the last pic it was very close and a good position but it seems the dang cord is obscuring the nub Were these your only pics?
  6. jenaemma

    Girl or boy? 13+1

    Hi! Oh man, tricky little baby! I’m going to have to zoom in, gimme a sec
  7. Hi! were these your only pics? Definitely a bit of bone we are seeing, whether pelvic or leg, not quite sure
  8. jenaemma

    11 + 6 pink or blue?

    Agreed! But anything before 12 weeks has time to change and is 50/50 But girly for now Congrats on baby and please keep us updated!
  9. Hi! Congrats on baby! Im thinking pink! When do you find out?
  10. jenaemma

    Why I love this site! ???????????

    Hi love, sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience I’ll go take a look now for you
  11. jenaemma

    Pink or blue? 12+5

    Aw, thank you love And it’s members like you are what make this whole community great, so I thank you!! Pink dust!
  12. This bit makes my mind want to make this into something girly but so cannot be sure about it, especially so that baby was not only just upside down but baby is curled up too! will you be getting another scan to find out or are just going to let it go?
  13. Oh my goodness!! Haha oh, this silly baby! Did you get a video by chance? Or just the stills?
  14. jenaemma

    Is this a NUB? 123+4

    If not I’m leaning pink baby is upright a bit but the nub is coming straight out of the bladder we see and is parallel to the spine, hanging more towards off the bum Big Congrats on baby and please keep us updated! Ill tag more eyes for you @Chelle8947 @kiwimumof-5 @CatchingBabies @Chloe Louise @kaz3333
  15. jenaemma

    Is this a NUB? 123+4

    Hi! Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience Was this your only pic? This one is tricky!