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  1. So very late! So sorry! but that is such a girly nub it should be pink in the image! Please keep us updated even if you have found out already! Lol and congratulations on your baby!
  2. jenaemma

    Nub or no nub???

    yay!!!!!! Congrats on your daughter! it just looks massive due to the way it imaged believe me it’s the nub haha and it’s girly and you have a girl I’m so happy for you!!! please let us know when you have her!!!
  3. jenaemma

    Which will it be??

    Sneak peek home tests are notorious for being wrong and always listen the your tech please update after your scan and enjoy seeing baby again!
  4. jenaemma

    Which will it be??

    There you go! It’s a girly girl! Big congrats on your daughter!
  5. jenaemma

    Nub or no nub???

  6. jenaemma

    Nub or no nub???

    Ughhhh this site is being worked on and the pics did not load let me try again.
  7. jenaemma

    Which will it be??

    Eek! Not seeing a clear nub in the these pics unfortunately :( What did the the tech say? The reason I ask is because the sneak peek Blood test can become very contaminated in a not sterile environment. Especially so if you have boys in the home. did you do this at home with a needle prick or did you do this test at a doctors office?
  8. jenaemma

    Nub or no nub???

    Here you go love! Circled the nub and then the second picture shows how it is straight out and flatvwith the spine I am wishing you the best of luck tomorrow enjoy seeing baby again? please please update us
  9. jenaemma

    13+1 girl or boy

    I can’t edit for some reason to correct that last line to “shining” so we will let it stand lol
  10. jenaemma

    13+1 girl or boy

    Hahaha in song now Do you see what I see? why, yes, I see what you see! a nub, a nub, seems to be straight but maybe that is really a shining penis?... and yes, it really was a shingumg penis lmao wishing you a very happy and also extremely and so important!...very safe new year
  11. jenaemma

    Early 11+6 nub- any guesses?

    A happy and very safe new year to you too!
  12. jenaemma

    13+1 girl or boy

    So arrre YOUUUU sure saw it? hahaha Well I was with you girlfriend! When I zoomed I felt your lines were on point! dang it lol and that is the most precious outfit! Awwwww are you doing ok now that you know? biggest congrats on your son he has a great start in life; his mom sounds fantastic (annnnd by the way, you were not going crazy as I saw the same lol)
  13. jenaemma

    any gender guesses please

    Thinking boy as well Hope all is well @frankiemae! did you find out?
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