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  1. Oh darn only seeing leg in these. If the image plane is taken a smudge too far in it bypasses the nub area and just gets the leg. It happens often when is your next scan?
  2. jenaemma

    Girl or Boy??

    Any other pictures? not seeing any clues. Only seeing the leg
  3. Coming back to you my love since really not seeing any clues in your 20 week pic (question real quick, did you get a video by chance at this scan? Or was it your planned anatomy scan? And I’ve merged your other thread to here to just to keep all together This is why I leaned pink and I’m sure why the other girls who did, did to. The gestation is on the early side for the nub theory so you do have to keep that in mind. Things can change drastically in a matter of days in this week of development. The 2nd pic is kind of awkward in the sense that baby seems to have their torso turned inward making only the top part of the nub visible in the plane of image. This is one is why I know Chloe was iffy and wouldn’t be shocked if blue. And I do agree with her assessment. But when I do a close up I can see this is a very blocky shape which tells me it very possibly is just the start of the leg. Just my opinion though. Not that I’m right. Are you you going to try and get another scan to find out? Is that possible?
  4. jenaemma

    Nub or not, boy or girl?

    Oh that new shot!!! Its a girl! Great shot of clitoris there I’m not trying to debate at all! I hate debating! Lol sorry if I came across that way. I just like to educate. Not the original poster per say, that’s fine. But anyone that might happen to read the thread too that might be interested. Wishing you all the best sincerely. All of us have been there with tricky shots, hopes and doubts and what ifs and all the gammits. Hope your wife is doing ok and will be ok and thank you for updating. Looking forward to more updates.
  5. jenaemma

    Nub or not, boy or girl?

    And here we go just real quick in case I fall asleep and don’t get back until tomorrow as it is after midnight my time this isn’t a potty shot. Usually in good view potty shots that are in the same plane as the gender bits we will see the femur bone of the legs. At least some (in general, not all, but usually) this is a side view of the baby’s legs and the doc captured the clitoris in side view perfectly i do agree with you to me it looks like the back right leg, just the calf, ankle and foot imaged, and the left thigh imaged in front good eye Can admit, it in all my years, Dont think we have ever seen an image quite like this one before! Tricky tricky Score one for your baby, already standing out from the crowd
  6. jenaemma

    Nub or not, boy or girl?

    This pic right here is a winning shot and gives me no doubts baby is a girl baby was over 13w correct? Assuming close to 15 weeks? Over maybe? At this gestation the nub is very much pretty developed enough to very much distinguish between developing clitoris or penis and scrotum (developing labia/labia does not image in side view generally, only the clitoris, just due to fatty tissue generally) Im going to switch to my iPad with attached keyboard i peck with one finger on my phone and my wrist hurts haha . I just needed to edit some pics but I am going to try and get down into the nitty gritty here of early gender development. Your baby is a great example also on why most times doctors are notorious for identifying incorrectly. There is a reason we have specialized OB sonographers and why doctors use them. Ok, enough rambling sorry! congrats to and your wife by the way! Can an I ask what your oldest child’s gender is? Are you hoping for a boy or just really curious?
  7. jenaemma

    Nub or not, boy or girl?

    This other pics definitely look girl too im going to draw on your pics to show you
  8. jenaemma

    Nub or not, boy or girl?

    Oh that last shot isn’t showing penis looks like clitoris to confirm boy you HAVE to identify scrotum as well as penis, there is no scrotum imaged Did the doctor do the scan or a sonographer????
  9. jenaemma

    12 Weeks 2 Days Ultrasound

    Okay two images first I am showing you the cord, it is going right over the nub and pubic area and is most likely obscuring the top and most of the nub unfortunately. Some of the nub did image. Just a smidgen though. Since ultrasounds image in slices, it was able to capture that little bit just beyond the bottom bit of the cord. I circled the tiny bit we can see, exactly what @kiwimumof-5 circled spot on i can give an ever so slight lean towards blue, but have to admit that tiny bit we see up above the bright white could very well be just a bit of cord i am am so dang curious now about your baby! Lol you have to keep us updated please!
  10. jenaemma

    12 Weeks 2 Days Ultrasound

    I agree but let play with it a bit see if I can do anything to give at least a lean for you when is your next scan? Congrats on baby by the way!
  11. jenaemma

    Boy or girl?

    Blue! Great nub shots too, wish they all could be so clear lol Big congrats and please keep us updated!
  12. jenaemma

    Any guesses? o:

    Hi! Congrats on baby! Looks girl! Please keep us updated!
  13. jenaemma

    Need Help - Boy or Girl Nub??

    Only seeing the very tippy end of it but a boy at this gestation would be pointing up more in my opinion!
  14. jenaemma

    Need Help - Boy or Girl Nub??

    Oh that last one! Tricky tricky i want to outline it and look closer but still initial thought is pink And next week! Yay! Not much longer then!!
  15. jenaemma


    Thank you guys so so much! and thank you @kiwimumof-5 for doing a post to make everyone aware!!! I want to cry how much you all mean to me. The past year has been so rough health wise for me, and on the couple weeks ago it came to a head where I was in the hospital. But I am on the mend and I think the doc's are finally on the right path in helping the issues! So going to try my best to get on daily at least as much as I am able. Even if it is 5 or 10 minutes! lol Thank you each of you! This means so much and is like a healing salve to my soul.
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