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  1. woo yoo! This is the best part about doing this After 9 years, this never gets old lol Can not wait for your update
  2. jenaemma

    Tricky pics

    This is the one with cord It is hiding the nub
  3. jenaemma

    Tricky pics

    Ok, scratch that, that bit I eyed is too low and is leg The nub would image were I circled Unfortunately I’m not seeing a clear nub in any of these pics
  4. jenaemma

    Tricky pics

    Hi! I kinda want to lean pink off the last pic but let me look closer The first pic has cord going over the nub so can’t distinguish the nub from cord
  5. jenaemma

    Triplets 12w + 2 - any guesses?

    Yay!! Let me tag some more eyes as well, at least for the excitement of this @CatchingBabies @Chelle8947 @kiwimumof-5 @NG1st @Chloe Louise
  6. Posted? Like we are in the military iPhone please keep us UPDATED!
  7. Did baby measure exactlyl 12 weeks? Looking closer, I am now really not sure on that blue lean lol We are only seeing the very end of the nub, and not very clear (baby was probably moving) and baby is also curled up so can give the nub (the end) an up look I’m actually going to say early girly but with a disclaimer of would not be shocked either way though Ehen do you find out? Please keep us posted!
  8. If the only pic I’ll give a slight blue lean I want to try and brighten it a bit though
  9. jenaemma

    B or G???

    Yes, I’ll stick with pink its tricky as baby has their bottom turned out a bit so seeing a lot of their back leg (which is an awesome shot of it I agree with catching there! Can even see the little toes!) when that happens sometimes some of the nub can be cut off but we are seeing a distinct and bright very straight line there When do you find out? Congrats on baby and please keep us updated!
  10. jenaemma

    B or G???

    Hi! Oh tricky My first thought was leaning towards pink but I want to contrast the pic a bit
  11. Yay! Best of luck and please keep us updated!
  12. Hi! Looks like a boy! Great images too! The top rounded bit at the end there is the developing penis, the line underneath it the developing scrotum
  13. jenaemma

    Girl or boy? 12+5

    Yay! Good luck! I'll tag some more eyes for you @CatchingBabies @Chelle8947 @kiwimumof-5 @Chloe Louise @NG1st
  14. jenaemma

    Triplets 12w + 2 - any guesses?

    And the big pic This is so crazy exciting!! So happy for you!! When do you find out for sure? You must keep us updated please