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  1. jenaemma

    Update! Anyone care to guess?

    Awwww Yayayayay! Biggest congrats on your daughter!!!!
  2. jenaemma

    Any guesses - boy or girl?

    Hi! Big congrats on baby! Looks very girly Please keep us updated!
  3. jenaemma

    Di/Di TwinGender Guesses

    B looks very much a boy. I’m kinda iffy on A as the nub isn’t as clear as their siblings (guess we know who the dominant twin will be lol <j/k>) Maybe girl but would not shocked either way Big congrats on twins! When do you find out? Please keep us updated!
  4. jenaemma

    Gender prediction - 13 weeks

    Hi! Congrats on baby! For the gestation I am leaning pink as well Please keep us updated!
  5. Hi! What was the gestation baby measured? And did you get any other pictures?
  6. jenaemma

    Gender prediction

    I did an outline for you and I hope that makes it a bit clearer for you and I really really hope I didn’t ruin a surprise!
  7. jenaemma

    Gender prediction

    Hi! Sorry for the late reply. Did the tech not tell you the sex? These are just perfect shots of the gender I’m just shocked you weren’t told at the time
  9. Here are the others as well, and with all of these combined I think we can all agree to lean pink (love when people get more than one pic as if one or 2 pics are iffy we can at least put them all together to form a better picture sometimes) When do you find out? Please keep us updated!
  10. The last one looks the best to me even though it’s showing the least lol, but it’s at least showing the end, and the end is hanging of the bum and is flat
  11. Thinking pink! Ill do some close ups and outlines for you I owe some people big time due to be absences lately and I need to help people to make up for it! Lol
  12. jenaemma

    12 weeks nub help

    Very much agreed! So close and in the mean time be thinking really really hard on girl names Great nub shot Congrats on baby and please keep us updated!
  13. jenaemma

    Nub guesses for my friend

    Gimme about an hour, and I will do it I'll tag some more eyes too in the mean time @kiwimumof-5 @CatchingBabies @Chelle8947
  14. jenaemma

    12 week scan- girl nub?!

    Hi! We are only seeing just the first (front) portion of the nub (pelvic region) Was this her only picture?