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  1. Mam any Guess!? Boy or girl? 





  2. GM Everyone 

    M new here n looking for help to identify Nub in the given scan...20200718_120545.thumb.jpg.a3a913f95f8ccd9169d77f3f11fdd985.jpg1595065567617573411992464392863.thumb.jpg.83b243ade9eb3a8ecc8ef8d9e05fdab0.jpg

    1. Soontobethree


      Looks girl to me! 💜

  3. Morning ladies! 

    So im kinda new to all this, but i hope by sharing my information this could be help to some of you. 


    I seem to self sabotage my whole process lol. First step is recognition right? So i don’t know if you guys are familiar with “SneakPeek Testing” they give you a gender as early as 8weeks

    but i did it twice, first at home and then to a clinic. Got two different predictions. 


    I went to two sonogram clinics and also got two different predictions


    i then did “Gender Experts” and got a strong prediction to male. 


    I will upload the sonograms, 

    i pretty much give up on gender: it is what god wants it to be. ❤️





    1. kaz3333


      I would of thought this was a boy

  4. jenaemma

    Gender prediction ?! ☺️

    Hahaha love it and yes, last pic doesn’t sway my mind. Girls poke through the legs boys above or in line are you hoping for a certain sex or just really curious?
  5. jenaemma

    Help girl or boy

    Looks like baby is a mover and shaker from all your pics lol
  6. jenaemma

    Help girl or boy

    What I have outlined is baby’s abdomen and the lower part is the pubic region but baby has it twisted there is no way to tell from this imagine at all You still have hope for blue here!
  7. jenaemma

    Help girl or boy

    I’m going to go out a limb and say she is she’s a fraud she was probably apart of our Facebook group as I call our admin there (that I referred to above) the potty shot whisperer; 4 years now going! I need to start copyrighting my nick names for people grrrr lol i want to look closer at the the first one the nub would be higher up but it looks like leg mostly imaged gimme a sec
  8. Only if the nub imaged unfortunately im not seeing a clear nub such a perfect gestation too we are only seeing leg and the pubic bone in the pic, same really in the others when is your next scan?
  9. jenaemma

    Gender prediction ?! ☺️

    Hi! Congrats on baby!!!! early girly -actually would be shocked if not a girl - please keep us updated!
  10. jenaemma

    Help girl or boy

    That looks like the pubic bone only and damn, they stole they name I gave a dear friend of mine years ago (public knowledge) and the longest running nub expert on the internet and she doesn’t even charge when is your next scan?
  11. Hi love, any other pics?
  12. jenaemma

    12 weeks 3 days

    Hi! And congrats on baby!!! not seeing the full nub imaged unfortunately, maybe just a tad in the 2nd one after the group of images Lean to pink? But definitely more a fun guess than being certain. when is your next scan?
  13. jenaemma

    Boy or girl - 12 week scan

    SUCCESS!!! YAY!!
  14. jenaemma

    Boy or girl - 12 week scan

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