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  1. CatchingBabies

    15 weeks nub and potty shot

    Both look girly to me x
  2. CatchingBabies

    Boy or girl? 12+4

    Any other photos? Congrats on your baby
  3. CatchingBabies

    Boy or girl?

    Before 12 weeks is a little too early. I can see this one rising...maybe congrats on your baby
  4. CatchingBabies

    I’d love to hear your gender prediction...

    I cant get your photos to load x
  5. CatchingBabies

    Boy or girl?

    I cant get the photo to load x
  6. CatchingBabies

    12 week scan prediction 😁

    Is this your only photo? Congrats on your baby
  7. CatchingBabies

    Rainbow baby after 6 losses

    Are these your only photos?
  8. CatchingBabies

    Is the nub visible?

    What gestation dis baby measure exactly?
  9. CatchingBabies

    12 + 6 boy or girl?

    Thinking blue x
  10. CatchingBabies

    15 weeks nub and potty shot

    Thinking pink x
  11. CatchingBabies

    Nub Theory Boy or Girl?

    Thinking pink x
  12. CatchingBabies

    12+3 boy or girl

    Just having a second look... wondering if we might be seeing a nub in it. Theres just so much around it that I cant be sure if it is nub or cord, etc. I will lean girl but with a very big ????
  13. CatchingBabies

    Boy or girl 🙂 12w 4d

    Is this your only photo? Congrats on your baby x
  14. CatchingBabies

    12w 6d! any guesses?

    Is this your only photo?
  15. Im not seeing any clues. The pics are very grainy x
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