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  1. Laura1004


    Pink pink pink :)))).
  2. Laura1004

    Kim- 12 wk+

    Hi we're these ur only pics? Xx
  3. Laura1004

    Boy or girl

    Same again maybe blue X was first thoughts xx
  4. Laura1004

    Boy or girl

    My first thought was blue for some reason ?
  5. Laura1004

    Boy or girl

    Awww no clues I'm afraid but congrats xx
  6. Laura1004

    Unsure of gender - told boy

    Agree there's no clues here but would get rescanned if you feel like everything was rushed and didn't get to "see" the things u wanted no harm in asking for a rescan xx
  7. Laura1004

    Gender guess please....

    No clues but congrats xx
  8. Laura1004

    My Baby Scan at 13+1

    Hmmmmmm why am I iffy and wanting to lean blue ????
  9. Laura1004

    girl or boy please???

    Congrats agree no nub imaged xx
  10. Laura1004

    Blue or Pink?

    I'm like @KTMA ???? my first thought was pink ??
  11. Laura1004

    Anyone know gender of baby???

    So curled up really not seeing any clues I'm afraid congrats tho xxx
  12. Laura1004

    Nub theory?

    Maybe maybe pink but jeez so busy wouldn't be shocked with blue xx
  13. Laura1004

    13+5 scan - girl or boy?

    Why am I torn hmmmm baby was deffo measuring over 13w right ? Xxx
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