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  1. kiwimumof-5

    Boy or girl?💗💙

  2. girl. doesn't come down far enough to be boy and the first the bit in front is still 3 lines it's just that one didn't show as clearly.
  3. kiwimumof-5

    help me guess ! boy or girl ?

    thinking pink
  4. hmm, not totally sure if that's a nub we see in the last, if it is I'm leaning pink but I'll get @jenaemma 's eyes too
  5. kiwimumof-5

    Boy or girl? 14+3

    anymore pics? no clues here sorry
  6. 10 weeks is too early for nub theory The nub theory is accurate from 12-14 weeks ( actually 12+4 -14 is more reliable)
  7. kiwimumof-5

    Gender scan tomorrow

    hi was this your only pic?
  8. kiwimumof-5

    Boy or girl 🤰🏼 Helppppp😰

    agree with Catching, also the end of the nub isn't captured so I'm iffy
  9. kiwimumof-5

    12 wks + 6 days

    darn all these pics and I'm not seeing enough in any of them
  10. kiwimumof-5

    gender guesses plz

    sorry for the late reply, thinking pink but what was the gestation?
  11. oh and I have one in Feb and my last in July
  12. that sucks! haha, my husband's birthday is September he gets a card now
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