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  1. kiwimumof-5

    Nub Theory – Boy or Girl?

    thinking pink
  2. kiwimumof-5

    Help with nub Please!!!!

    I'm iffy ... @jenaemma
  3. we are very good however the leg is blocking the full nub
  4. kiwimumof-5

    Perfect nub pics

    girl, beautiful nub shot
  5. kiwimumof-5

    Nub Theory - 12w 4D

    unfortunately it didnt image in this pic, maybe a tiny bit but not enough to go on
  6. kiwimumof-5

    Nub theory any guesses

    early girl
  7. kiwimumof-5

    Boy or girl skull theory

    skull theory is very inaccurate, according to skull theory my boy and one of my girls apparently had girl skulls and all 3 of my younger girls skulls are all different. Also the skull is still changing even after birth...its not until puberty that differences are seen Did you get any pics that show the nub?
  8. kiwimumof-5

    Boy or girl?

    early girl
  9. kiwimumof-5

    Gender Prediciton?

    I'm not seeing any clues sorry
  10. kiwimumof-5

    Boy or girl. Nub theory?

    pic one is very busy in the area maybe boy, I'm iffy though pic 2 no nub imaged pic 3 maybe boy but I'm iffy again
  11. kiwimumof-5

    Any gender clues 20 weeks???

    yay congrats! I knew I was iffy for a reason haha, and good spotting @Chloe Louise
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