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  1. kiwimumof-5

    15 weeks 4 days 💙💗

    As a guess I would guess girl
  2. kiwimumof-5

    NUb theory girl or boy?

    Leaning early girl, but still time to rise
  3. kiwimumof-5

    11 w 6 d

    Also thinking blue
  4. kiwimumof-5

    12 +3 💙💗 Confusing Nub???

    Looks pretty pink, at 12+3 There is still a slight chance it can rise but looks pretty girly atm
  5. kiwimumof-5

    Twins gender prediction help!!

    Twin 2 girl...twin 1 is showing no clues so could be either 2 girls or one of each:-)
  6. kiwimumof-5

    12+6 weeks ultrasound

    I'm leaning blue from 2nd pic
  7. kiwimumof-5

    Early potty shot

    It does look pretty boyish, did you get a nub shot?
  8. Anymore pics? Not seeing enough of the nub in this one As for skull, it looks like one of my girls and my son. Skull theory is 50/50, nub on the other hand is a round 97% accurate depending on gestation
  9. kiwimumof-5

    Boy or girl?

    Thinking blue as well
  10. kiwimumof-5

    Team blue or pink - 12 weeks

    Yes, although girls can image as stacked too but they point down more whereas this points up more in my eyes, please update us when baby arrives
  11. kiwimumof-5

    Nub theory 13w+3

    Haha should have stuck with my first instinct, congrats!
  12. kiwimumof-5

    Any hope for pink?!

    Agree with Catching There is always the chance that it's cord so you can hold on to a bit of hope if girl is what you are hoping for x