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  1. Chloe Louise

    Confirm 13.2 week gender

    All girl!!
  2. Thinking pink too
  3. Chloe Louise

    12w6d....Any guesses ???

    Not seeing any clues but congrats xx
  4. Chloe Louise

    gender guesses pease xx

    Nothing imaged but congrats xx
  5. Chloe Louise

    Boy or girl?💗💙

    Leaning pink How did the scan go?
  6. Chloe Louise


    Not seeing any clues. Do you have anymore images?
  7. Chloe Louise

    Not convinced on gender. Need help!

    Ill tag @jenaemma Im clueless with this shot. Sorry x
  8. Early girly although its very early, there is still plenty of time to rise. Most early nubs look girly before development
  9. Chloe Louise

    Tricky nub!! Help!!

    I am thinking more on the girl side. I mean its early though so it still has time to rise x
  10. Hmmmmmmm i wil lean more pink but i wouldnt be surprised for blue x
  11. Chloe Louise

    Pls guess

    Ooooo im iffy. I see pink but im iffy
  12. Not seeing enough but congrats
  13. Chloe Louise

    Nub guess?

    Early Girly Congrats xx
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