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  1. Chloe Louise

    Help me!!😊 12+5

    Leaning pink
  2. Chloe Louise

    💗Update! Boy or girl nub-13 weeks

    Congratulations on your daughter
  3. Chloe Louise

    Any Guesses? Nub/Ramzi Pics

    Ramzi I’m seeing pink but nothing on your other scans x
  4. Chloe Louise

    12w4d nub guesses?

    Blue lean too
  5. Chloe Louise

    Nub theory 13w+3

    I will lean more blue though
  6. Chloe Louise

    Nub theory 13w+3

    I wouldn’t be surprised for blue or pink
  7. Chloe Louise


    Leaning pink. Do you have anymore images to confirm?
  8. Chloe Louise

    Boy or girl?

    It’s too early for the nub theory but I wouldn’t be surprised for blue
  9. Chloe Louise

    12W6D Nub guesses?

    I am agreeing with Catchingbabies here. I want to give you an ever so slight pink lean. although I’m not sure if we are seeing the whole nub.
  10. Chloe Louise

    nub theory please

    Hey, do you have anymore images? Mum just not seeing enough on here.
  11. I’m not seeing enough either but congratulations
  12. Chloe Louise

    Boy or girl?

    @Chantelle1906 is this 12 weeks exactly? If so I would lean blue as it looks on the rise.
  13. Chloe Louise

    My babies nub ultrasound

    I am leaning blue too Congratulations
  14. Chloe Louise

    Boy or girl?

    Tricky, anymore pictures?