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  1. Chloe Louise

    Gender Guess 11 +7

    Tricky. So exactly 12 weeks? Inwill lean blue but its sooo early x
  2. Chloe Louise

    13 weeks

    Leaning blue too
  3. Chloe Louise

    Boy or Girl (nub)

    Not seeing any clues x congrats x
  4. Chloe Louise

    Any guesses welcome 😊

    Leaning pink
  5. Sorry to hear about your mum. Mum not seeing any clues either but congratulations!
  6. Chloe Louise

    Could this be my first girl!?!?💖

    I see pink too!
  7. Chloe Louise

    Boy or girl? Please help!!!!

    What’s the gestation?
  8. Chloe Louise

    Girl or boy 12+4

    I see blue too! Congratulations
  9. Chloe Louise

    Pink or blue 💕💙

    Unfortunately I’m not seeing any gender clues but congratulations
  10. Personally I think you will be buying blue
  11. Chloe Louise


    11 weeks, most nubs look girly at eleven weeks. Congratulations on your son though!
  12. @Noukz17 please see outlined in blue
  13. Very boyish! And no hun it’s above that. If you see the line above then a floating dot! This is a stack which indicates that this is a developing penis! it’s thebperfect boy shot
  14. Chloe Louise

    Boy or girl?

    I’m just not seeing enough, congratulations though
  15. Chloe Louise

    15 weeks Girl?

    I am also seeing pink too! @jenaemma what do you think!