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  1. Danilead214

    Boy or girl ??

    Waiting on more pics
  2. Danilead214

    Boy or Girl :)

    Maybe blue
  3. Danilead214

    Gender Guesses

    Agree with girls but congrats to your friends!
  4. Danilead214

    girl or boy nub??

    Thinking blue
  5. Danilead214

    Baby nub

    I'm not seeing enough I'm afraid but congrats to you x
  6. Leaning pink for twin 2 Not seeing any clues for twin 1
  7. No clues but congrats on baby x
  8. Danilead214

    Guess our babies gender

    Maybe pink x
  9. Danilead214

    Gender guesses??

    Not seeing enough but congrats on baby x
  10. Danilead214

    Boy or girl??

    Agree anymore pics?
  11. Danilead214

    ? Update! Boy or girl?

    A little early but does look pink. Good luck at next scan x
  12. Danilead214

    12+4, any good guesses?

    Not seeing enough personally but congrats on baby x
  13. Danilead214

    Any guesses 12 weeks exactly

    Early girl lean x
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