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  1. Maina786

    20weeks ultrasound ???

    @Msaffi how ? Please can u tell me how did u guess a boy ? Thanks
  2. Maina786

    20weeks ultrasound ???

    @CatchingBabies thanks @Chelle8947 thanks @NG1st thanks let’s see
  3. Maina786

    Boy or girl guesses needed plz

    Sorry I guys couldn’t update that time .And i delivered a beautiful angel on Dec 15,2017 who is 1 now hahaha....
  4. Maina786

    20weeks ultrasound ???

    @jenaemma I feel like no one has answers for me , but I do see if someone pics are not clear still they are given a gender prediction? So why not me? Thanks dissapointed
  5. Maina786

    Due End of May 2018

    @AbbieMay1992 hey congrats . I’m due May 9,2018 still asking to guess the gender as I want to keep it a surprise till the baby is born ? do u know what you having? Thanks
  6. Maina786

    20weeks ultrasound ???

    @Chelle8947 thanks a dozen but I mean that I only have 4 pics from 12 weeks and the rest pics are from 20 weeks. Baby was not letting to stay still for a single pic lol... Mo guesses at all.
  7. Maina786

    20weeks ultrasound ???

    @jenaemma No I didn’t, just the pics for 20weeks . No pics for 12 weeks coz of printing issues at the center ..? but im still attaching the pics of 20weeks which they gave me On a CD. Thanks
  8. Maina786

    20weeks ultrasound ???

    @Chelle8947I only have these pics and similar to the last one ,
  9. Maina786

    20weeks ultrasound ???

    So from nine of the pics u can predict the gender ?
  10. Maina786

    20weeks ultrasound ???

    @Chelle8947 I just have one pic as they were not giving out pics due to printer issues so made a pic from a phone .
  11. Can u predict by the Baby nub , skull or something from the pic if it’s a boy or girl ?
  12. Maina786

    Gender guesses plz

    No they r still pics
  13. Maina786

    Gender guesses plz

    Just these two. any guesses from these
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