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  1. kaz3333

    Boy or Girl? 22 weeks

    She probably busy but I'm sure you'll hear back from someone soon, did you you tell them you wanted to know the gender during the scan?
  2. kaz3333

    Hello! I’ll start!

    I'm currently swaying pink well trying to I'm 1dpo today so will be testing with a hpt in 9 days I'll keep updating on my progress for anyone in future who finds any of it helpful I'll also put my full sway up an what gender I ended up with I currently have two beautiful boys good luck to any momma's hoping for blue or pink. Xx
  3. kaz3333

    Boy or girl nub

    The only time that time slows down is waiting for a gender scan lol
  4. kaz3333

    Boy or Girl?

    Girly girl
  5. kaz3333

    Boy or girl nub

    I'm going to say girl just because for you I hope it is I'm hoping that but on the top is just umbilical cord fingers crossed for you hun
  6. Yes this nub looks very girly congrats on the baby girl
  7. kaz3333

    Boy or girl??

    Boy, congrats
  8. kaz3333

    13w1d (measuring 13w6d)

  9. kaz3333

    15 weeks Girl?

    Seeing pink, at this age I would expect (something) to be sticking up
  10. Boy vote aswel congrats
  11. kaz3333

    Girl or boy 12+4

    Thinking boy too an I also have two little boys so sending blue dust aswel
  12. kaz3333

    Boy or girl nub? Help!

    Yeah you knew it hun!!!! Congratulations, so giving me hope in my girl sway xxxx
  13. kaz3333

    Hello! I’ll start!

    Yeah thanks Becky I'm hoping to sway pink as you know, hoping more ppl will join in soon. X
  14. kaz3333

    Hoping for a girl!

    I'm sorry you didn't get your girl, but congratulations on your little prince