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  1. kaz3333

    Any hope for pink?!

    I'm not seeing a 100% clear nub my fingers are crossed for you x
  2. kaz3333

    Nub theory 13w+3

    Dam to late was going to say looks like daddys getting what he wants haha congrats to you and your family
  3. kaz3333

    Twins gender prediction help!!

    Twin2 girl and twin1 bits not pictured and since they aren't identical you could have one of each or both girls but I'm sure you'll find out at 20weeks how exciting, congrats
  4. kaz3333

    How do you read this nub?

    I'm going to lean girl with this one congratulations either way x
  5. Hi I'd say girl aswel x
  6. kaz3333

    12 weeks boy or girl nub?

    @susanmcgowan is this your sway baby? Number 3? I hope this little one is your sweet little girl x
  7. kaz3333

    12 weeks boy or girl nub?

    Early girl but could be rising when do you find out the gender?
  8. We all knew it! This is a boy nub just like my son's nub congratulations mama boys are the sweetest little things
  9. Oh your little boy is so sweet wanting a sister my 5 year old always says we need 2 more girls so there's mummy an two girls an daddy an two boys lol he wants to completely even out the family
  10. Oh I don't know its tricky dismiss my lean lol wait for others to chime in. Do you have anymore pictures or a video I hope you have pink on board I have 2 boys an hope to one day get pink too fingers crossed for you x
  11. Second photo is all girl congratulations
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