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  1. I’m leaning more pink I’m thinking more cord congratulations on baby x
  2. Chelle8947

    What's your prediction?

    Thinking pink too congratulations on baby x
  3. Chelle8947

    Boy or Girl Guesses- 12w 3d

    Too busy, are these your only pics? Congratulations on baby x
  4. Chelle8947

    Can anyone guess for me pls

    Congratulations on your daughter x
  5. Chelle8947

    Pls tell boy or girl

    Tricky my first thought was maybe girl due to gestation x
  6. Chelle8947

    💗Update! Boy or girl ???

    Congratulations on your daughter x
  7. Chelle8947

    12wk 2days please take a peek and guess!

    So so very girly looking! Congratulations on baby x
  8. Thinking boy too, look forward to your update x
  9. Chelle8947

    Boy or Girl - guesses please!

    Congratulations on baby boy x
  10. Chelle8947

    14w potty shot, girl?

    Congratulations on your Daughter x
  11. Thinking very girly too! Congratulations on baby x
  12. Thinking girly too congratulations on baby x
  13. Thinking pink congratulations on baby x
  14. Chelle8947

    Boy or girl 12+2 weeks

    More pics be fab congratulations on baby x
  15. Chelle8947

    13 weeks 1 day tricky nub

    Agree, congratulations on baby x