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  1. Chelle8947

    Boy or girl? 12 weeks 4days

    Thinking girly congratulations on baby x
  2. Chelle8947

    NUb theory girl or boy?

    I can’t see any images on either of your threads? X
  3. Chelle8947

    Boy or girl?

    Thinking boy congratulations on baby x
  4. Chelle8947

    12 +3 💙💗 Confusing Nub???

    Looks girly! Congratulations on baby x
  5. Chelle8947

    Early potty shot

    Leaning blue, Congratulations on baby x
  6. Congratulations on your Son x
  7. Thinking pink too congratulations on baby x
  8. Chelle8947

    My Baby at 13 weeks 1 day scan

    Thinking boy congratulations on on baby x
  9. Chelle8947

    11 w 6 d

    Looks boyish, congratulations on baby x
  10. Chelle8947

    15 weeks 4 days 💙💗

    I’ll tag @jenaemma she’s better an later gestation x
  11. Chelle8947

    12w4d nub guesses?

    Seeing boy congratulations on baby x
  12. Chelle8947

    Help me!!😊 12+5

    Thinking pink too congratulations on baby x