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  1. Chelle8947

    Potty shot 15+6

    Yes all girl! That’s how my daughters potty shot looked x
  2. Is this your only pic? X
  3. Chelle8947

    Boy or girl

    Yes looks like a baby girl congrats x
  4. Chelle8947

    Looking for gender prediction please

    No clues sorry x
  5. Chelle8947

    boy or girl?

    It’s early so can change but agree with Lorenna, thinking pink x
  6. Chelle8947

    Girl or boy 🧒🏼👦🏼 12+6

    Thinking pink too congrats on baby x
  7. Chelle8947

    Pink or Blue 💖💙

    Lots of leg imaging to be honest I’m not sold on blue. Are these your only pics? X
  8. Very girly nub congrats on many x
  9. Chelle8947

    13 weeks

    Thinking pink too congrats on baby x
  10. Chelle8947

    Aide sexe bb

    Thinking blue too congrats on baby x
  11. Chelle8947

    12w 6 days, any guesses?

    Not seeing enough sorry x
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