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  1. KirstyJDEP

    Is there a visible nub?? 12+2

    Maybe boy. Very busy though so I’m iffy
  2. KirstyJDEP

    boy or girl 12+2

    Seeing boy
  3. KirstyJDEP

    ? Update! Gender guess please!!

    Congratulations on your daughter
  4. You can remain team green. I’m sorry I commented with a gender but looking again today I’m really iffy and wouldn’t like to say one way or the other
  5. KirstyJDEP

    Boy or Girl 13+1

  6. Congratulations on your daughter
  7. also agree maybe boy
  8. No clues congratulations on baby
  9. Also thinking maybe girl
  10. KirstyJDEP

    Boy or girl?

    Still not seeing any clues. Baby has their little legs straight up and is hiding it
  11. I’ve seen many “boyish” nubs in the 11th week turn out to be girls I don’t like commenting on nubs before 12 weeks as they change so much. Even from 12 weeks exactly - 12+4/5 I’ve seen the girliest nubs rise and turn out to be boys I think the way baby has imaged has made it look more risen too
  12. Boy. Congratulations
  13. KirstyJDEP

    Girl or Boy?! Thoughts?!

    Not seeing enough