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    Btw I’d be off in orbit too ??? it’s crazy when you have so many of one and then you see the other. So happy for you ?
  2. Kadiesmith


  3. Kadiesmith

    Team blue or pink??

    Just a tad too early for nub theory I'm afraid
  4. Eeek maybe blue. Not the best of images and baby is mid turn
  5. Oops I edited to say congrats!! That was a tricky nubster
  6. Kadiesmith

    Blue or pink nub ??

    I would give a tiny pink lean too
  7. I would lean pink by the nub
  8. Kadiesmith

    Boy@ 12w?

    I see what you see but I'm not 100% here @Chloe Louise is the only person I can tag for some crazy reason
  9. Kadiesmith

    Baby boy or girl, how do you tell?

    Thinking more blue here
  10. Kadiesmith

    Tricky or no nub?

    At first I thought I saw sneaky boy nubbage but it's just Too busy. Confrats on baby though!
  11. Kadiesmith

    Pls guess the Baby Gender

    I'd give a tiny early girl lean.
  12. Eeeeekkk!!! This one has me scratching my head and questioning everything ??? i caught one pic and it just confused me more. ???? @jenaemma anymore thoughts? ?
  13. Kadiesmith

    Hi any ideas? 13 weeks ... ?

    I'll give a blue lean here
  14. Kadiesmith

    13+2 girl or boy?

    Ill wait on pic ??
  15. Kadiesmith

    Boy or girl? <3 12 weeks!

    Eeekkk this one is tricky. I want to say early girl but I'm hesitant ? Is this the only pic? @jenaemma
  16. Kadiesmith

    boy or girl skull theory??

    I don't really ponder with the skull theroy myself solely because it's 50/50 was this the only pics you got by chance?
  17. Kadiesmith

    12 weeks exactly!

    By this pic alone I'd agree with the other gals it looks like a lot of cord on nub but maybe girl. I wouldn't be shocked either way though. Congrats on your little one ?
  18. Kadiesmith

    Boy or Girl?

    Agh im getting girly vibes ?? @jenaemma
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