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  1. Leaning blue! Congrats on baby!
  2. I'm leaning pink, but also iffy. Congrats on baby!
  3. mom2b90

    Scan yesterday !!

    I'm leaning pink! Congrats on baby!
  4. mom2b90

    Boy or girl?

    Thinking pink
  5. mom2b90

    Any guesses? 13 weeks!

    Congrats on your baby!
  6. mom2b90

    Hi any ideas? 13 weeks ... ?

    I'm going to lean towards boy ???
  7. We did another ultrasound and surely enough, BOY! We are so excited since we already have a four year old little girl ♡
  8. mom2b90

    12w5d nub prediction

    Do you have any other ultrasound photos? Maybe one with the spine and nub? Congrats on baby!!
  9. mom2b90

    February 2018

    Due Feb 13th with 2nd
  10. mom2b90

    Confusing nub

    I'm thinking boy!
  11. Congrats on your little girl!!!
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