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  1. Jace

    Nub girl or boy?

    My baby is very awkward. Took 45 mins for a result and result is only 80% proof. We tried so hard to wiggle baby out of the bottom of my cervix but was too comfortable sittin on its bum. BUT...been told... it' a girl!!
  2. Jace

    Nub girl or boy?

    Thank you everyone. 3 weeks I will find out for sure. I will post here to let you know
  3. Jace

    Nub girl or boy?

    These are all my scans at 12+2
  4. Jace

    Nub girl or boy?

    Interesting. Friends have said girl. Disregard all 'old wives tales' - I'm feeling blue lol
  5. What do people think of these photos? I find out the sex officially on 6th dec. Im now 16 weeks. Scan photos are from my 12 week scan. I asked my scanner if she knew about the nub. She was unsure but knew where to scan so have an up close photo but a bit blurred
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