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  1. LorenD

    Due July 2018

    Confirmed BOY today
  2. LorenD

    Due July 2018

    On the first ultrasound picture.. the nub looks like it is split.. it’s throwing me off.. we have a boy now..kind of hoping for pink with this one ?
  3. LorenD

    Due July 2018

    Any more guesses on the gender?
  4. LorenD

    Due July 2018

    Next Saturday.. I will update when we find out.
  5. LorenD

    Due July 2018

    Got this one too..taken same time 13w2d
  6. What are your thoughts on gender? This was at 13w2d. ????
  7. LorenD

    Due July 2018

    Hello Everyone I’m new here.. just wanted to get your thoughts on the possible gender based on my 13w2d ultrasound. Any guesses? ??