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  1. Thank you ?? exciting times filled with lots of emotions. Yes only pictures I have at the moment until just go for my 20 week check and can hopefully reveal the gender
  2. ChelseaB

    Hello June babies

    16 + 2 due end of June but if follows suit of other 2 children could be a July baby!! find out what we're having mid Feb Have 1 of each already 10 and 3 and we have a little angel baby boy born too soon Having fun guessing babies based on nub theory seems to be fairly accurate for a lot of people I've had mixed guesses on my scan pic through other sites my nub shot is a bit rubbish though :-( Hi to the rest of mummies that may show up in June thread and congratulations on your pregnancy xXx
  3. Can you see nub in the images I'm not sure I can see anything What do you think boy or girl?? Many thanks in advance The scan was measusing 12 weeks exactly
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