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  1. Lyndz123

    13 weeks😍Girl or Boy?

  2. Lyndz123

    12W + 6D Boy or Girl?

    Any update?
  3. Lyndz123

    13 weeks😍Girl or Boy?

    Any update?
  4. Lyndz123

    Girl or boy?

    Any update?
  5. Lyndz123

    Gender prediction

  6. Congrats on baby! Do you have any other photos?
  7. Lyndz123

    Gender prediction

    @Kalaiarasi I had two girls and there nubs we're super straight. My last nub looked just like yours with a bump on top and it was indeed a boy! Are you hoping for a boy?
  8. Lyndz123

    Girl or boy?

    I would lean more blue on this one but the nub isn't very clear...
  9. Lyndz123

    12W + 6D Boy or Girl?

    The second scan shows a definite girl nub!
  10. Lyndz123

    13 weeks😍Girl or Boy?

    You can catch a glimpse of stacking near the end of the video. Boy lean.
  11. Lyndz123

    video of a nub 12 weeks 6 days

    The second video shows a nub with some stacking. Boy lean
  12. I see stacking as well. Blue
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