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  1. 13 weeks is a prefect gestation to get a good guess. good luck
  2. It’s still very early so there is plenty of time for the nub to rise. I agree it looks straight now but it looks like it has stacking which is why I guess blue.
  3. What gestation was the scan?
  4. praying4pink

    Gender prediction

    Sorry, not confident to guess, very busy nub.
  5. praying4pink

    Boy or Girl?

    Guessing Girl
  6. praying4pink

    Let me hear your guesses!

    Not clear, any more pics?
  7. praying4pink

    13.4 weeks nub guesses please

    Thanks Chloe, appreciate your guess x
  8. praying4pink

    13.4 weeks nub guesses please

    Any other guesses please?
  9. praying4pink

    Boy or girl nub?

    congratulations x
  10. praying4pink

    12 wks ultrasound pics

    Congratulations :)