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  1. praying4pink

    Gender help!

    Leaning girl x
  2. Agree with Kiwi, early girl but still chance nub will rise x
  3. praying4pink

    Gender. boy or girl?

    Possibly pink from first pic x
  4. praying4pink

    Gender predictions?

    Thinking blue, it’s srill early so looks like nub is starting to rise x
  5. Possibly blue, congratulations x
  6. praying4pink

    Desperate for any clues

    Thanks Kiwi, bad week with my gender anxiety kicking in to overdrive xx
  7. praying4pink

    Please guess! 12+3 gestation!

    Leaning blue x
  8. praying4pink

    Girl or boy?

    Agree, looks like a boy nub, congrats
  9. praying4pink

    Desperate for any clues

    Thanks Catching, I really appreciate your understanding x
  10. praying4pink

    Boy or girl!

    I'm guessing girl. Congrats on bubs x
  11. Hello all, My Gender Anxiety is kicking in again this week. I was looking through my scan photos and was wondering if this image could give a clue? If male genitalia was present, would they be seen on this image? Grasping at straws again I know and sorry to annoy you all again. x
  12. praying4pink

    Thoughts On 13w3d?!!

    Not seeing any clues, sorry & congrats on bubs x
  13. Oh I’m sorry you didn’t hear girl. This was a tricky nub for sure x
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