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  1. Found the NT scan. Is that the Nub ?
  2. No, I don't have the NT scan nub shot.
  3. Unfortunately no. In This shot they have measured the femur bone. genitals are slightly off focus I guess.
  4. @msrose2020 Please provide your comment.
  5. This is 36 week potty shot. Please help me to guess boy or girl.
  6. Hi All.. Can anyone of you confirm if this is a Boy's part or not ? If not, what else could be it ? This is a shot from 32 weeks ultrasound. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thank you. Appreciate your reply.
  8. How about this pic ? This is 20 week potty shot.
  9. Hi Everyone. This is 32week Ultrasound. Please can you guys help me to predict the gender?
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