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  1. Thanks - they had an amnio and waiting for the results. I’ll keep you posted...
  2. @Lisha12345 congratulations!! Every baby is a blessing
  3. Thank you @Ivy . Very excited
  4. Thank you sooooo much!!! We are ecstatic after 2 boys
  5. Thanks @Lisha12345 for the kind words. i hope and pray the doctor has not made a mistake. Although he did say he’s a 110% sure so that’s a positive!!! Anyway Goodluck and all the best!!! I love my boys and honestly would’ve been happy either way! To have 4 boys is a blessing
  6. Hi @Zoe421 just found out it’s a baby girl at my 14 weeks ultrasound. Doctor said he’s a 110% sure!! I’m over the moon as she will have 2 older brothers. I was honestly expecting another boy and a healthy baby was always number one priority!!!! I’m still in shock and my emotions are running high!!
  7. Hi @Lisha12345 just found out I’m having a little girl! I am so happy as I already have 2 boys!! I’m still in shock as I was honestly expecting another boy Please keep us posted xx
  8. Just found out it’s a little girl.
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