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  1. 23Cara

    boy or girl help!!

    11 weeks + 2 is to early. At this time all babys look like a girl, but there is enough time for the nub to rise.
  2. 23Cara

    Boy or Girl - Guesses ?

    Sorry, it is not very clear, but I give you a boy guess.
  3. 23Cara

    Boy or girl 12w+5d

    Congratulations on your little boy!
  4. 23Cara

    Boy or Girl - Guesses ?

    Congratulations on Baby. Sorry, there is no nub in this pic . Do you have another pic with full image of the baby? Here you can see just the head and part of the body, but not that part we need.
  5. 23Cara


  6. I keep my fingers crossed an send a lot of pink dust.
  7. 11 weeks is very early, at this time all nubs look flat like girl nub, but there is enough time to rise. So in the moment it looks like girl, but this can change.
  8. Hi, it is really a tricky one. You can not see the nub on pic 1 and 2, pic 3 is not really clear. But I give you a girl guess. Maybe you have some other pics or a video?
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