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  1. Chabaz17

    Help girl or boy

    Thank you @23Cara x
  2. Chabaz17

    12 weeks guess please

    Girl... but still early x
  3. @bex25 aw bummer another long week wait for you.... I found out tonight after 3 girls I'm having a boy.... so it happens lol x
  4. Chabaz17

    Help girl or boy

    @CatchingBabies @jenaemma After 3 girls.... it's a boy in total shock x
  5. @bex25 did you find out x
  6. Chabaz17

    Boy or girl

    Girl vibes x
  7. @bex25 yeah I think so looking very stacked im same I have 3 girls and hoping for a boy this time, for you x
  8. Chabaz17

    Boy or girl

    No nub visible in this image x
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