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  1. 1. Master the timing Many parents start noticing their infant demonstrating self-soothing behaviours by 3 to 4 months. By 6 months, most infants are capable of going 8+ hours without needing a feed in the night, so it’s an ideal time to encourage them to self-soothe themselves to sleep and back to sleep if they wake up. It’s usually best to encourage self-soothing behaviors before separation anxiety kicks in full force, around 8 to 9 months. It can be hard for your little one to learn to soothe themselves back to sleep when they’re already worried about being separated from their favo
  2. thebestmother

    Baby food suggestions

    Thank you for your suggestion
  3. thebestmother

    A Guide for First-Time Parents

    Thank you for your suggestion
  4. thebestmother

    organic baby food

    there are many brands out there which provides baby food in the form of puree pouches and porridge, yes I agree that Happa foods is one of the most reliable brands in India
  5. thebestmother

    organic baby food

    I think Happa foods is the brand which provides some good amount of baby food made of organic fruits and vegetables can check there official website for more information the link for the same is Happafoods
  6. thebestmother

    HAPPA Foods

    It is an organic baby food brand which offers baby food in form of puree pouches and porridge their major ingredients include organic fruits, vegetables and various essential nutrients like ragi and oats these are given in raw form and are also mixed with other fruits you can find the information about the brand by visiting there website and can also purchase the baby food from the same the link for the same is https://www.happafoods.com/
  7. thebestmother

    Baby food suggestions

    What is Happa porridge baby food? From where I get information about the same? Please give me some links so that I get information about the same?
  8. thebestmother

    A Guide for First-Time Parents

    You've gone through pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and now you're ready to go home and begin life with your baby. Once home, though, you might feel like you have no idea what you're doing! These tips can help even the most nervous first-time parents feel confident about caring for a newborn in no time It’s an overall fuzzy and overwhelming overflow of emotions that every new parent feels. Whether you’ve just had your first child or about to have your bundle of joy, every new parent or parent-to-be makes all the necessary adjustments of the addition of another family member. Handling a
  9. Thank you for your suggestion
  10. Thank you for your suggestion
  11. thebestmother

    Fruits & Vegetables To Start With A 6 Months Baby

    nice and useful information I also feel that there are many fruits and vegetables to start of with for the baby like apple, banana, mango, etc.
  12. thebestmother

    Fruits - The champion item in babies solid food

    I think solid foods is one of the most important diet for the baby and should include many nutritious elements like ragi, oats, fruits and vegetables etc. one of the famous brands which offers baby food in form of possidges and pouches
  13. thebestmother

    HAPPA Baby Food

    You can purchase your product form their websites, amazon, first cry, flipkart, haiko etc. but I think to purchase any brand one of the mos reliable place will be its own website as there is a guarantee to get good quality product at the best price so here is the link for the same https://www.happafoods.com/
  14. thebestmother

    Babyfood product

    I think Happa foods is one of the most reliable brands I know which offers good quality baby food for 8 months old baby can get them easily from there own website https://www.happafoods.com/ , amazon, firstcry, flipkart, haiko etc.
  15. Summers are in their full swing as we have entered the fifth month of the year already. May marks the onset of soaring temperatures across the country. Summers are synonymous with summer vacations, a trip to the hills and loads of indoor activities. But as the temperatures rise further, it becomes a cause of worry for most mothers. Children are always active, and they just don’t want to rest, even if it means for a minute. So, if you thought preparing healthy summer foods and drinks is a daunting task, then think again. My advice is to keep your child hydrated throughout the year, and more so
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