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  1. Happa’ssweet potatoes and spinach puree is one of the most unique and nutritiouscombination you can give to your baby. Its rich, delicious and silky and ithelps the baby’s overall growth. Now you can make it at home with these simplesteps .Ingredients:1 medium sweet potato. 3 handful of spinach.INSTRUCTIONS:1.Cut the sweet potato in small pieces place them on a baking sheet and bake it at 250Cfor around 20-22 mins.2.Meanwhile,prepare your spinach and then add to the frying pan and sautée it on low heatuntil its soft.3.Once the sweet potato is ready mash the sweet potato and blend it with spinach that wassautéed.4. Continue to blend till you get a soft silky texture of the puree.5.Add water or milk as desired if you want a thinner puree.That’s it, Its that simple. But believe me it will be as nutritious as Happa’s sweetpotatoes and spinach puree. Also the total time you will take is just 30-35mins. And, If you dont want so much Hassle just order it online.
  2. mehaktrivedi

    Infant Botulism

    This is great information thanks !!! This is very helpful for Parents.
  3. Spoon feeding your little one’s maybe tempting but after a certain age we as parents should just embrace the mess and let them figure it out. Self-feeding is an important part of your little one’s development. Once the baby is sitting it is best that self-feeding is introduced to the baby. Here some reasons that will persuade you encourage self-feeding.Baby enjoys independence: They are little and tiny but they sure want to be given independence and want to be taken seriously. As the babies learn to feed themselves and start using spoons and other cutlery the have a sense of autonomy. Which helps them figure out the process of eating and food itself.Babies know the best: Self feeding can also help them to understand hunger better also they will know to stop eating after they are full. They will become better judges of how much they want to eat which will eventually help them learn about their needs.Development of motor skills: Them trying to hold things, practising to use a spoon or fork or even just grabbing a puree packet is basically helping them learn coordination of the little muscles.It’s a great game: Babies learn most stuff through games and playing. And playing, squishing and mashing food of various textures is so much fun for them. I am sure maximum food will be used for play but gradually they will learn to eat on their own.It’s a win win: In the process of self-feeding the babies are learning and you mums and dad get some time to just relax and such enjoy the sight of the cute little ones trying to work out how to eat that yummy mango and banana pure
  4. mehaktrivedi

    Help in Organic Baby Foods

    The general criteria should be a that the baby food that you give to your baby must be safe. It is advisable that the baby food are preservative , additives, artificial color or artificial flavor free. Also baby food which do not contain any salt or sugar is recommended. Happa Foods is one such brand and I would suggest that.
  5. Plastic is everywhere from toys to cutlery. The chemical compound (BPA) found in plastics has proved to have many negative effects like developmental issues, heart diseases, liver problems etc. And hence have to be avoided. FDA have also banned BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups but it still it still exists in other products here are some steps you can take to limit the BPA exposure to your child.Go for wooden toys and natural teethers: These are things which eventually land up in your child’s mouth so opting for wooden toys and naturals teethers would limit their exposure towards BPA. Also, other chemicals in plastic can also be avoided.Check the packaging: Almost every plastic container has a number at the bottom of the container or bottle. If that number is 1,2,4 or 5 it contains little BPA or no BPA at all. Choosing such plastic is a better option.Avoid Plastic containers: If it is possible the use of plastic containers should be typically avoided. For storage of baby’s foods like cereals or ready to make porridges it is better to use a Glass or ceramic containers.Say NO to plastic cutlery: They might be convenient and easy to use but cutlery has contact with the food and if the food is extremely hot it is possible that BPA content in the plastic can get mixed up with the food.Baby foods without BPA: Nowadays many baby food brands like Happa, Ella’s kitchen, Hipp organic have packaging that is BPA free the pouches as well as the cap. So going for these baby food brands is a better.
  6. mehaktrivedi

    stage II baby food

    stage 2 is where the babies are between 6-8 months. This is the time when semi solids, purees and porridges are to be introduces to the babies. Stage 2 food can include fruits like apples, mangoes, bananas also ragi based porridges are also a great stage 2 food.
  7. mehaktrivedi

    baby food for 7 months baby

    This is the stage 2 and fresh veggie and fruits should be added to the babies diet. I would like to suggest Happa foods it is a great organic baby food brand that does not add any additives or preservatives in the baby food. Also the products don't contain and sugar or salt which can prove harmful for the kids in the long run you can try this brand out. Happy Parenting.
  8. mehaktrivedi

    Baby Foods

    I would recommend Happa foods it is great brand offering baby food products like fruit and veggie purees and raagi porridge's. Its a organic brand so as parents we can be assured that the ingredients used are pure and great. It also doesn't add any sugar or salt in its purees or porridge's . There are no preservatives and additives in the product and is a convenient option. I specially recommend the mangoes and banana puree it is my son's favorite
  9. mehaktrivedi

    Organic Baby Foods

    Happa foods is a great brand offering baby food products like fruit and veggie purees and raagi porridge's. Its a organic brand so as parents we can be assured that the ingredients used are pure and great. It also doesn't add any sugar or salt in its purees or porridge's . There are no preservatives and additives in the product and is a convenient option. I specially recommend the mangoes and banana puree it is my son's favorite
  10. mehaktrivedi

    Nutritional Food For Picky Eaters

    Picky Eaters are really tough to handle. We have to engage them and interest them in food. we should play games and try to make food interesting and also tasty for the babies. Fruit purees are a great food choice so that the babies eat nutritious as well as tasty food.
  11. mehaktrivedi

    Benefits of puree pouches

    Baby bags are such a hassle. But when you’re a parent the only thing that helps you be prepared for all the what ifs is a baby bag. Imagine this scenario you have to go out to the park to take your 6 months old for a stroll the only thing you have to carry is your baby, a 100gms puree pouch of baby food and an emergence diaper. And you are good to go. Parents this seems like a dream but it is not. A solution (actually a Pouch of healthy, nutritious and tasty organic puree) to all your baby bag nightmares. #Convenient: These puree pouches are very convenient and easy to carry around. They are also travel friendly and they are so compact that they can fit anywhere. Also this is a great option for busy parents. #They Follow Safety Guidelines: These ready made purees are safe, healthy and a complete package for your baby. Baby food companies strictly follow the safety guidelines prescribed by FDA. #Variety of Flavours: These fruit and veggies purees have so many flavours and many different mixtures. Even if the fruits or veggies are not in season and are unavailable you can give these purees of those flavours to your baby and make your baby happy and introduce it to various flavours. #Promotes healthy eating: The veggies and fruits used in making these baby purees are those ingredients that are healthy for the baby. If the baby is introduced to these healthy ingredients it will be a part of their diet throughout.
  12. mehaktrivedi

    Cold weather with toddlers

    Chilly winds are very pleasant for babies and new parents but, in the winter, our little ones require special care. If the temperature is really freezing it best to be cosy in the comfort of your home with your little one. Babies are sensitive and are not yet ready to cope with the cold. Here are some tips that will help your keep your little one warm and comfortable in the winters. Grab all the layers: It is best if you dress your babies In layers in the winter. A body suit with long sleeves t-shirt and leggings or pants are a good choice. Also, you can add a jacket when the temperature is really freezing. The choice of fabric is crucial, it is advisable to go for light yet warm fabrics. Keep a look out for warning signs like shivering and sneezing or cold nose and feet. It is best to add some more layers then. Keep babies close: Rather than going for strollers in the winter it is best if you choose baby carrier bags that are will help you keep the baby close, warm and comfortable. Your body heat will provide the baby with some extra cosiness. Prevent dry skin: A baby’s skin is sensitive and due to the cold; it may get dry. To prevent it from getting dry you can use moisturisers that are specially made for the baby’s skin. Also, too much time in the bath in the winter can also make the baby’s skin dry. Keep a check on indoor temperature: The indoor temperature should be regulated well. Too much heat also has its own problems. The temperature should be set at a sweet spot so that the room temperature in not too hot and also not too cold. Food Choice and storage: In the winters It is best to go for ready made baby food fellow parents it will be great if you all can suggest some brands which are great for winters.
  13. mehaktrivedi


    YES! In fact baby food that we give our babies should be preservatives free. Preservatives and additives can prove to be harmful for the babies in the long run. Also we should give our baby foods that are fresh , pure and natural. Go for baby food that don not add preservative in their products.
  14. mehaktrivedi

    Baby food

    Yaaa ! HAPPA is a baby food brand which has varieties of purees and porridge's. Happa's baby food offers food that is organic , without and added sugar or salt. Also it does not contain any preservatives etc. It is a good choice overall.
  15. mehaktrivedi


    organic veggies are best for the babies. It is a healthier option for the babies. The organic veggies are produced without any preservatives, synthetic fertilizers or any chemicals. This makes organic baby food and organic ingredients the best choice for the babies.
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