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  1. Any new guesses??? I'm so curious...
  2. Linn7

    Trying to find out nub

    Hi, sorry, I'm on this forum very little, therefore my late reply. I mean this scan in right side of image above baby's bottom, the white line I think is more parallel to spine, therefore I think girl.
  3. Anihar, Oh, I see now you also got 3 boy guesses. Lovely! Thanks!! I'm crossing my fingers. We lost a boy in a previous pregnancy, therefore we would love a boy so much!
  4. Anihar, that's okay. I posted it on Nub Theory Queens and got 7 boy guesses! Makes me so happy, would love a boy. Do you know if they are good at guessing the nub? They seem experienced to me:) Thanks!!
  5. Thanks, that's kind. I'm trying to do it. If I can't manage I'll let you know amd ask you to post it.
  6. @CatchingBabieswould love to hear your opinion!
  7. Linn7

    Trying to find out nub

    Hi, for me it's most clear on the first pic. On the right side of the image you see a white line/ spot above baby's bottom, it's more flat and in line with the spine, therefore I think a girl. All the best!
  8. Linn7

    Trying to find out nub

    I guess a girl, but I'm no expert. Happy rest of your pregnancy!
  9. I think a boy. Potty shot looks boyish. The nub looks a bit risen to me. When do you find out?
  10. @CatchingBabies: I know you're really good at this. Could you please give your opinion on my baby's gender based on these scans?? Thanks so much!!
  11. Thanks. what makes you say girl?
  12. @Bellamthanks sooi much for your reply! I'm also thinking boy. Just curious: what makes you say boy? xxx
  13. @CatchingBabies would love to hear your opinion on the gender! Thanks sooo much!
  14. @jenaemma: would love to hear your opinion about the gender? Thanks so much! would really appreciate it.
  15. No one? I would really like some responses. xx
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