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  1. Any guesses? Would love to have some more guesses.
  2. Nevedaisy

    Girl or boy?

  3. Nevedaisy

    13 weeks😍Girl or Boy?

    I’d say boy from the video
  4. Ahhh - oh no! I took a photograph of a seraphine dress I wanted and that’s uploaded too - I can’t seem to delete it. It’s also added one of the 12 week photos to the end as a duplicate.
  5. There first two shots are exactly 12 weeks. I think the nub is too “young”. The last three shots are 13+1 and I’m not sure the nub is visible except for the first shot. If it is, it’s shortened very quickly in a week. Thanks so much for having a guess! I fear the nub isn’t visible at all in the 13 week images :(
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