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Trying again - Please hjelp find the Nub and guess gender. 12+6

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I have been looking so much at this photos that I don't trust my own judgement anymore.. Baby measured 12w6d, but I was 12+2 or 12+3. 

First I thought A was the nub, and that this baby was a well equipped boy.. But after reading about nub theory and looking at other nub-shots including my youngest sons, Im not that sure. I think it is big for gestation and far away from the bladder. So now I think that it is probably a part of the thigh. 

When I blacked out that leg (last photo), I can se a white line below the bladder (B), can this be the nub? Or isn't the nub visible at all? 

Thoughts about geneder? 

Please, I need your help. 






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