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Is this the nub? Boy or girl?

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Hi all! We are eagerly awaiting blood results that will tell us the gender, but I am curious if we can tell based on this sono. The sonographer said she does not like to look between the legs at this gestational age (she didn't specify why but curious if anyone knows). While we wait, I would love to hear thoughts on whether that's the nub I'm seeing at the base of the leg, which itself is faint. If yes, I would say it's a girl, but I might be mistaking something else with the nub. What do you think? Dying to know!



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Hi all, thank you so much for your responses! I've posted a few more images, but I'm not sure if any of these are any better or even useful. Curious what specifically calls out boy to you. Does the nub look 30+ degrees angled relative to spine? I'm having a hard time reading these images! Thanks all for your responses! XO





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That first pic is a perfect boy nub!! 

Congrats on baby and please keep us updated!  

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*Becky10 Years of Nubbing and momma to 2 beautiful-strong-smart girls 👯‍♀️

📣🖐️Please PM or tag any admins if you need us🖐️📣

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