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Hello! I’ll start!

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If you are trying to conceive or preparing to, this group discusses all things! With the first part of the pregnancy journey, conceiving! Everything from ovulation to gender swaying if you are so inclined. This is an invite only group and is public but everything should remain confidential and the bonus of a forum setting is you can remain anonymous! 

We only ask to please be respectful of one another and each other’s journies. We each have a different course and expected path in life and unique dreams and all will be respected. 

Hopefully we can get a group going and please invite any and all you think that might benefit from a support group.

Also, if and when the time comes, the clubs are open to any to start their own. Just please send me @jenaemma a message and I will set one up for you. Any topic is open :) 

Thank you for being apart of BabyNub! 




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I'm currently swaying pink well trying to I'm 1dpo today so will be testing with a hpt in 9 days I'll keep updating on my progress for anyone in future who finds any of it helpful I'll also put my full sway up an what gender I ended up with I currently have two beautiful boys good luck to any momma's hoping for blue or pink. Xx

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